collapse thorn circuit blunted shaft prism glowing
                                                     darkly juvenile tripped nostalgia basking vampire ring
                                           cloak angel-faced gerberas gastly pale insipid insidious
                               attraction flowing dim down beneath the depths of volcanic
                                                   ashes hebrew scipt of ghoulish vigour well-worn joke parallel hubs
                                       gorging bulldozer turn on out pressing hunger crave delicious pure line grasping
                        forward pulling in all my roosters home to perhaps perfection seeing interior slidy egg yoke  
               slippery fish etcetera family of arms length cheap versions of histrionic burglars seeping stripped forward  
              final last everythng caused hackwick matrix maiden tuft turbulent drive destination deceased dish of foul weather  
            cronies and bonies bitten withered weathered wuthered blast from the bath poppysocks hoping for aulde lang syne
            into becoming all in all on out and underworld mainstream fact or database cockpit hyperactive jetstream jousting jib
              jibberish bird of ballast preying silent jub jub jub and a one two three desperate delivery demolished sideways
          scripted and forgotten only dwelling soon to forward come come to me caught in the act cat face sly
                twinkle come again how bizzare bought off sold past the gate could do with a new coat of paint
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