order order order Mr Speaker, to report on the condition of the chamber after its recent setting alight here we go round the difference of then knowing the hysterical hair and tissue and now viewing the stumps of arm chairs their roots charred but with new toys sprouting here and there the odd tuft of teddy bear order order order

Mr Speaker, here we wandered the old town light on whose cobbles was broken Jamie Pyke's recalcitrance. His trance of recalcitrance on the settling of income owed the town from his selling of horses above and about a pop-open calendar of windows dimly-lit galleries with no table cloth but nickle and a honeycomb. And overhanging the eaves an immersed swooping an immense immersion of swooping an immensely dark and outlined immersion of swooping the outline of an immensely dark and immersed swooping a swoopingly immersed immensity of dark outlines

Four and twenty magpie, the scissors of their wings cut low below to the plumefolds of Ariadne's dress. Was it cotton, linen, nylon, wool, silk, hemp, polyester, or tissue?

After that, after that Mr Speaker we were led via a trap door in the man-in-the-dock's hallway to a basment area. There were eighty of us children in all though a few changed their minds in later record collections. Some of the staff had video cameras and they formed a circle around us while the man-in-the-dock directed Have you ever seen such a thing in your life as the curtains cracked and when I was just a little girl you Mr Speaker, you pulled a fish out of my... order order order

Mr Speaker, it's raining it's pouring and we couldn't get up past a sense of relief this stemming from the categorisation of the paper darts currently approaching Some of wings fold under internally to lodge withiin the solar plexus and if not addressed this can lead to overly-used-up-and-spat-out syndome. And as increasing numbers take control of their lives by developing terminal illness the issue can be seen as self-correcting Other darts lean forward with semi-canine pinions,- tissue goes missing with this one...

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